Operation Requirements Of Micro Current Transformer

- Oct 22, 2018-

In order to ensure the long-term normal use of micro-current transformer, certain requirements should be met in the course of its operation. First of all, the micro-current transformer must not exceed the capacity of long-term operation, this is because the long-term overload is the passing current over the current transformer rated current will lead to an increase in error, the meter indication is incorrect.

It may also cause overheating of iron cores and windings, fast insulation aging, and even damage to current transformers. Secondly, in the operation of micro-current transformer, we should pay attention to keep its two side circuit always in a closed state. When removing ammeter and other instruments on CT in operation, the two windings should be short-circuited first, and the secondary winding should be treated with short connection if it is not used. 

In addition, the two-time circuit of the current transformer must have and can only have one connection location. Third, in practical applications, one side of the two lateral lines of the miniature current transformer and the core need to remain grounded at the same time. CT two side grounding is to protect the grounding, prevent the first winding between the insulation damage and breakdown, two winding string into high voltage, crisis equipment and personal safety. 

It should be noted that the current transformer two circuit switching, should be discontinued with the corresponding protective device, the operation process is strictly prohibited. IV, in the circuit system, if the protection and instrumentation together to use a set of micro-current transformers, then when the meter circuit has work, you should pay attention to the meter itself must be short on the terminal, be careful not to open the road and do not short-circuit the protection loop.

At the same time, the field work should be based on the actual wiring to determine the short-circuit position and safety measures, in the same circuit if there is 0 sequence protection, high-frequency protection, etc., should be discontinued before short circuit. The above is mainly for you to introduce the micro-current transformer operation process needs to pay attention to the problem. I hope that users and friends in the daily work can pay attention to safety issues. The rated voltage on the nameplate of the Micro current transformer refers to the insulation voltage of a winding to the ground and to two windings.

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