Development Direction Of Current Transformer Use

- Sep 14, 2018-

Because of the easy saturation, nonlinearity and narrow frequency band of electromagnetic current transformer, the electronic current transformer is gradually rising.

Electronic current transformer generally has the advantages of anti-magnetic saturation, low power consumption, wide band and so on.

The representative electronic transformer in China has anyway frequency conversion voltage sensor, anyway inverter current sensor and anyway inverter power sensor, among which, anyway inverter power sensor belongs to voltage and current combined transformer.

The main features of the transformer are as follows:

1. the use of front-end digital technology, optical fiber transmission, electromagnetic compatibility is good.

2. the amplitude and frequency characteristics and phase frequency characteristics are good, in the wide-width value, frequency, phase range can be obtained high measurement accuracy.

3. belongs to the digital sensor, two times the instrument will not introduce error, sensor error is the system error.