Current Sensor Classification

- Aug 25, 2018-

Current sensor According to the measurement principle is different, mainly can be divided into: shunt, electromagnetic current transformer, electronic current transformer and so on.

Electronic current transformers include Hall current sensors, Rokovsky current sensors and anyway inverter power sensors dedicated to variable frequency measurement (which can be used for voltage, current and power measurements).

Compared with the electromagnetic current sensor, the electronic current transformer has no ferromagnetic saturation, wide transmission frequency band, small load capacity of two times, small size and light weight, which is the development direction of current sensor in the future.

Fiber optic current sensor is a new type of current sensor based on Faraday magneto-optical effect and with optical fiber as medium. When the linear polarized light propagates in the medium, if a strong magnetic field is added to the propagation direction of the parallel ray, the direction of the optical vibration will be deflected, and the deflection angle pi proportional to the product of the length l of the magnetic induction intensity B and the light crossing medium, that is, ψ=v*b*l, the proportional coefficient V is called the Feld constant, which is related to The deflection direction depends on the dielectric properties and the magnetic field direction. The above phenomenon is called the Faraday effect. 1845 by M. Faraday found.