0 Characteristics And Application Of Magnetic Flux Current Micro Transformer

- Jul 07, 2018-

First of all, let's introduce the basic parameters of the 0 flux current miniature transformer, the current ratio is 5a/2.5ma The operating frequency is 50Hz. In the range of 5%-120% measurement, the ratio difference of 0 flux current miniature transformer is ±0.05% (measured ±0.01%), and the ratio of difference linearity is 0.02% (measured 0.01%).

Phase difference is ± 1 points (measured ±0.2) phase difference linear to 0.5 points (measured 0.2 points) once through the hole φ4.

Second, take a look at the main features of the 0 flux current miniature transformer: First of all, the accuracy of the product is very high, it changes the conventional micro-transformer 5% measurement point phase difference of the defect (0.1 level of the current transformer 5% measurement point phase difference allowed to 15 points, some transformers are dozens of points.

0 Flux Micro current transformer 5% measurement point phase difference ± 1 points);Secondly, the product also has a good linearity;Furthermore, in practical applications, it is not necessary to use external power supply can be used, more convenient and simple to use;Finally, the product is small in size, with a size of 19*17.5*18mm (length, width and height) similar to HCT201, so it is easy to install and use.

Next, let's introduce the application of 0 magnetic flux current micro-transformer: At present, the product is mainly used in high-demand measurement occasions, including a variety of power measuring instruments. In fact, in theory, the iron core of the 0 flux current transformer does not have a flux.

The error of the current transformer is actually generated by the alternating excitation current provided by the flux, and if it is reduced to zero, the transformer will have no error. Combined with the above introduction can be seen, in fact, the so-called 0 flux current transformer refers to the magnetic flux of zero micro-transformer. Although theoretically analyzed, 0 flux current transformer is no error, but because it is impossible to really do 0 flux, and distributed capacitance leakage and other reasons, 0 flux current Transformer still has a certain error, but compared to the general transformer, its accuracy has been improved by at least one order of magnitude.