What should I pay attention to during the use of current transformers?

- Dec 25, 2019-

Nowadays, the current transformers installed and used mainly achieve the protection effect by measuring the current, so that the measuring instrument can be better controlled, and the voltage and current can be at the standard level, thereby avoiding safety problems caused by improper current. The installation and application of transformers are very common, but users should pay attention to several problems when using transformers, and ensure that the actual application of transformers meets safety standards.

When using current transformers, pay attention to whether the current is below the rated current. This is one of the most important issues when using transformers. If the current does not reach the rated range of the transformer, it is easy. This causes an obstacle in the transformer and burns the transformer. In addition, when using the transformer, it is also necessary to note that the current cannot be too large, which will adversely affect the accuracy of the transformer.

Some users usually use the current transformer to find that the accuracy of the transformer begins to decrease. This time is mainly caused by neglecting the rated current. In addition, when the secondary actual output current of the transformer is lower than the standard, the transformer will also be used. The accuracy has a big impact and these issues must be noted. In addition, users should pay attention to the purchase of transformers. It is necessary to select the appropriate transformer products according to the actual application requirements. Before installation, you should also understand the application methods and precautions of the transformers.

When using current transformers, we should pay attention to the safety application method of the transformer and avoid mixing between the transformers. These do not meet the safety regulations. When the voltage of the transformer is short-circuited, it should also pay attention to timely adjustment to prevent the transformer. Burned out.