What should be paid attention to when installing the residual current transformer

- Apr 29, 2020-

When installing the residual current transformer, the PE line and the N line must be strictly distinguished. The PE line cannot be connected to the residual current transformer. The N line should be connected to the transformer, and the N line passing through the residual current transformer and the N line connected to the load side of the residual current transformer are only used as a neutral line, cannot be grounded at multiple points, and cannot be used as a PE line. Connect to the device casing. It must not be shared with other circuits.


According to the definition of the electrical fire monitoring detector in the specification, its task is only to prevent electrical fires, and it is only used for alarming, and does not cut off the power supply of the protected object. It is very different from the residual current operated circuit breaker in terms of protection function, technical parameters, structural requirements and so on. Residual current operated circuit breakers are more focused on the protection of personal safety. The two should be used together and cannot replace each other.

In some circuit breakers that cut off the faulty electrical circuit and power failure, it may cause major economic losses and adverse social impacts on equipment and places, such as passage lighting power supply and emergency power supply in public places, power supply for fire fighting equipment, special equipment that does not allow power outage, etc. It is not suitable to install and use residual current operated circuit breaker, but should install and install residual current monitoring detector.

The installation and installation of electrical fire monitoring devices should be based on the actual situation of the relevant place, and the installation area should be appropriately divided. And it must be located in the necessary place. When installing the residual current type electrical fire monitoring detector, the residual current in the electrical circuit of the distribution system should be fully considered, and the detector with appropriate parameters should be selected to maximize the role of each detector. . Therefore, the electrical fire of the building caused by the ground short-circuit fault can be effectively prevented.