What is the composition and principle of the current transformer?

- Dec 04, 2019-

Nowadays, the current transformers used by people are made of iron core and winding. The manufacturing principle of the transformer is relatively simple. It is designed by the principle of electromagnetic induction. The transformer can turn the current on one side during the working process. For the secondary side small current operation, the transformer can be installed in the environment to be measured and used. Now the type of the transformer is also increasing. When people choose the transformer, they can be combined with the composition and principle. Good application purpose.


When the current transformer is selected, it can be distinguished according to the insulating medium, including dry type transformers and cast type transformers. The dry type transformers are made of ordinary insulating materials, and the external parts are also added. Other protective treatments can achieve better insulation. The material of the cast-in-place transformer is different from that of the dry-type transformer. The transformer is made of epoxy resin and other materials. Therefore, when purchasing a transformer, it can be selected according to this classification feature.


During the use of current transformers, it can also be distinguished according to the installation method. It can be applied by using a through-type transformer. This transformer can pass through the wall and other barriers during the use phase, and the pillar-type transformer needs to be installed at a fixed installation. Completed on the plane, this time the user should use the characteristics of the installation environment to select the transformer.


When purchasing current transformers, there are many ways to classify transformers. Users need to pay attention to the simple process of purchasing and using transformers, and clarify the differences in installation and application of different types of transformers. Neglected problems.