Current Sensor and It’s Application

- Mar 07, 2019-

Sensing variable current flow is a major requirement in frequent electronics systems and the strategies to do so are as an assortment of as the applications themselves. A sensor is a unit that can determine a physical phenomenon and compute the latter, in other words it gives a measurable demonstration of the wonder on a particular scale or range. A current sensor is a device that recognizes electrical current in a wire or a system whether it is high or low and creates an indicator relative to it. It might be then used to presentation the measured current in an ammeter or might be archived for further classification in a data acquisition system or might be used for control purpose. Current sensor is “disturbing” as it is an incorporation of some of the sensor, which may cause system performance.

There are a wide variety of current sensors to monitor alternating or direct the current and its measurement is required in many applications be it in industrial, automotive or household fields.


Current sensor is a device which detects and converts current to get an output voltage, which is directly proportional to the current in the designed path. When current is passing through the circuit, a voltage drops across the path where the current is flowing. Also a magnetic field is generated near the current carrying conductor. These above phenomenon are used in the current sensor design