What are the standards for selecting residual current transformers

- Jun 05, 2020-

Residual current transformer is a classification of transformers, also known as zero-sequence current transformers. Residual current transformers are widely used in production and life, but how to choose residual current transformers? What are the criteria for selecting residual current transformers?

Now the platinum crystal BH-0.66 current transformer CT561500 residual current transformer produced by platinum crystal electronics as an example tells how to choose the residual current transformer.

The iron core can only be achieved by high vacuum heat treatment, with excellent performance and stable accuracy. The magnetic circuit should be novel in design, the compensation method should be advanced, the process technology should be exquisite, the shell should be made of high impact flame retardant ABS material, with good safety performance and beautiful appearance.

Installation should be convenient, can be fixed by bending pieces, fixing method of pressure plate.

There are many types of residual current transformers, such as round through-core residual current transformers, rectangular windowed residual current transformers, integrated module series, open-type current transformers, BH-0.66 high-precision residual current transformers. Therefore, at the time of selection, it should be selected according to the type of transformer.