What are the main features of the waterproof split core current transformers?

- Jun 11, 2019-

And we use the technology of one-time transformer forming, which is to make the transformer directly into the mold, the plastic is wrapped in the whole body without gaps, and the secondary side lead is made of waterproof terminal and sheathed wire to ensure that no rain can enter. The transformer body has been tested by an authoritative organization, and the waterproof split core current transformers has reached the IP57 level.

The waterproof split core current transformers is mainly used in the power distribution transformation project. The open type current transformer is output as the standard 5A or 1A like the conventional closed-end transformer. It has high measurement accuracy and large capacity, and can be used with measuring instruments and instruments. Some products have strong overload capability and can be used with the device. 

Taking the low-voltage feeder of the semiconductor industry as an example, each feeder needs to measure three-phase current and supply the current signal to the measuring instrument. The primary busbars of phase A, phase B and phase C of each feeder are 120×10×3, the height of copper bars is 1.5 meters, and the rated current of each phase is 2500A. The waterproof split core current transformers collects current signals. During construction, The entire process takes only 30 minutes to complete.www.ctsensorducer.com