Two open circuit solution for CT in micro current transformer

- Mar 06, 2018-

When it comes to the two times that CT has been opened in a miniature current transformer, in fact, it is important to note that the CT two overvoltage protector is, to a large extent, the principle that it can prevent the CT of the micro current transformer two times to open the road. After that, the circuit meter on the miniature current transformer indicates an anomaly, in general, it means lowering or being zero. In this respect, that is, in order to measure the meter's current circuit open, will make three-phase ammeter indication inconsistency, power meter indication will be reduced, and then its meter meter speed is slow or do not turn.

If it is sometimes not indicated at the time of the meter, it will be in a semi-open state (poor contact). Micro current Transformer CT body in the use of no noise, and then in the vibration will not appear uneven or serious heat, smoke and other adverse phenomena, but we actually have to pay attention to the above said in terms of these phenomena,

It does not look particularly obvious when it is relatively small on the load. Micro current Transformer CT two circuit terminal, component Head has discharge, fire phenomenon, and then refers to the secondary warranty occurred or refused to move, in this case, in fact, it is to be noted that it should be in the wrong trip or over the trip when found after the corresponding treatment,

And be aware that after you have handled it, you can do so after you use it. In the use of micro-current transformers, on its electric meters, relays and so on, there is a phenomenon of smoke burnout. That is, to pay attention to check whether there is a power meter and its electric meter, remote device transmitter, protection device relay burnout, in this case, not only will directly lead to the CT appeared two times, after that will make PT appeared two short-circuit phenomenon.