The influence of current transformer on relay protection

- Oct 26, 2020-

1. The important role of current transformers

The most obvious function of the current transformer is that it can dissolve, transform, and convert the primary current of a large output power into several secondary currents of smaller output power, thereby maintaining the maintenance of the current and measuring accurately. Wait.

2. The influence of current transformer on relay protection

From the detailed introduction above, we can see that as an item similar to a transformer, the current transformer is not only used to protect people from high pressure and to maintain the physical and mental health of people’s electricity consumption, but also to people. The convenience level of electricity consumption in daily life has been greatly improved. Because at this time, people have already set the second rated voltage of the current transformer to 5A. But it is also due to the emergence of this kind of situation that has also prompted the implementation of strict regulations and standardized specifics for the manufacture of instrument panels and relay protection equipment in the manufacture of household appliances. As a current transformer closely related to the relay protection equipment, whether its saturation state has an important influence on the pride of the relay protection.