The choice of micro current transformer and the equipment needed to verify the equipment

- Mar 26, 2018-

The selection method of micro-current transformer, first of all, should pay attention to the rated primary side current should be in the 20%~120% range of the running current; the rated primary voltage of the micro current transformer is the same as the operating voltage; when the miniature current transformer is in use,

That is to note that the power consumed by the two lateral load does not exceed the rated capacity of the current transformer, otherwise the exact level of the current transformer will be reduced.

The choice of micro-current transformer, then will be based on the system of power supply, choose to use the current transformer number and different wiring methods, that is, according to the purpose of the measurement and the requirements of the protection mode, the exact level of the current transformer will be selected. After that, when it comes to the equipment needed to verify the current transformer, the first is to refer to the transformer calibrator, at this time should pay attention to measure the error between the standard transformer and the tested transformer, show the operating current; for this standard current transformer, transformer verification used as a standard device, the accuracy is generally more than two levels higher than the measured,

The design has multiple variable ratio taps, which are adapted to the verification of different transformers. The equipment required to verify the current transformer also includes a booster, which is matched with a voltage regulator to match the test current required to produce different kinds.

About this capacity, the cost is accompanied by an increase in the current, and then about this load box, then we will simulate the actual working state of the transformer under test; High current connection cable, connected with hundreds of, thousands of ampere current, cable price can not be ignored. The equipment required to verify the current transformer also includes a voltage regulator, which is used to adjust the test current, and the general protection is installed in the same operating table as the switch, which is divided into two voltage regulators in rough and fine tones to meet the adjustment fineness. When measuring below the rated current of 2500A, it can be made with 10KVA general voltage regulator combination, the larger current must be specially made, generally need to 30~60kva.