The characteristics of single phase current transformer and its safety detection

- May 07, 2019-

The single phase current transformer is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The epoxy resin is fully enclosed and potted, and the two sides are tightened by fixing screws. It is suitable for multi-function instrumentation, power distribution cabinet, substation and distribution monitoring. From the overall point of view, the single phase current transformer is beautiful and compact; it can be used for single-phase meter measurement, and can also be used for anti-stealing electric energy meter; linear output current with good precision; standard hole on one lead can be used directly The standard bolts are fixed on the terminals of the meter, and the installation is firm and convenient; 

Before applying a single phase current transformer, check the appearance of the transformer to see if there is any oil leakage or smoke discharge. If you find the problem in time, you can avoid the occurrence of the fire house. In addition, you need to check whether the parts are loose. If you find any unexpected phenomenon, you should immediately disconnect the transformer and check it before using it to avoid any hidden dangers. 

At the same time, the measurement of the electric load is strengthened. During the peak period of power consumption, the load measurement of each distribution transformer is strengthened. If necessary, the number of measurements is increased, and the transformer is adjusted in time to prevent the neutral current from being too large to blow the lead, resulting in users. Damage to the equipment and damage to the transformer; carefully listen to the sound from the transformer, whether it is the sound produced during normal operation, if not, take appropriate measures in time to find the cause of the problem, solve the problem, and avoid causing greater losses. . 

In addition, it is necessary to regularly check whether the leads of the single phase current transformer are firm. It is necessary to pay special attention to whether the contact at the low-voltage outlet connection is good and the temperature is abnormal. Regularly check the oil temperature and oil color, temperature and climate will cause oil changes, so it is necessary Keep the oil temperature below 95