Technical advantages and detection requirements of antennas for keyless entry system

- Jul 08, 2019-

The antennas for keyless entry system the advantages of wireless communication and sensor technology to realize a keyless access control that locks or unlocks the door with a remote controller. The car keyless entry system consists of a carrier for transmitting and receiving signals, a control unit mounted in the vehicle, and a sensor that senses the hand holding the door handle. The system can be used to sense whether the carrier is in the car, a keyless start system that only needs to operate the switch to start the engine, and a carrier with a driver identification function, which can automatically adjust the rearview mirror after the driver enters the vehicle. And the seat, etc., automatically make various settings.

Antennas for keyless entry system Features Even if the carrier (key) is placed in a pocket or bag, the keyless entry system that can be unlocked by holding the door with the hand is now put to practical use. A keyless entry system that enables smoother, more comfortable driving.

The small/slim sensor in the door handle uses an electrostatic sensor and an original detection algorithm to sense whether the driver is holding the door handle, whether it is raining or snowing. At the same time, the electrostatic sensor has a characteristic that can be sensed even when there is an inducer such as a resin between the human hand, and can handle various types of door handles having a curved surface.