System structure and application range of residual current transformer

- Feb 20, 2019-

The residual current transformer is dedicated to the collection of residual current during operation, and can be used directly with electrical fire monitoring devices, motor protection devices and residual current relays. The product can output 0~5(2)mA or 0~1V twice, and has round hole type and square hole type for users to choose according to needs.

Application range of residual current transformer

Residual current transformer needs to detect the residual current loop


System structure of residual current transformer

The residual current transformer electrical fire monitoring system adopts layered distribution and open structure design, which is mainly composed of monitoring equipment and monitoring detectors.

The monitoring equipment can receive the alarm signal from the electrical fire monitoring detector, issue the sound and light alarm signal and control signal, indicate the alarm part, record and save the alarm information, which is the management center of the system. The monitoring device has the automatic switching function of the main and standby power supplies to ensure the stability of the