Split core current transformers usage precautions

- Apr 23, 2019-

1. It is necessary to check whether the appearance is deformed before use, otherwise it will affect the test accuracy;

2. Before use, check that the end face of the iron core is clean. Wipe it with a dry silk cloth (do not drink alcohol and water);

3. The use environment is required to stay away from strong magnetic fields, affecting the test accuracy by surface. The ambient temperature is -30°C~+40°C, and the relative humidity should be less than 80%. It is strictly prohibited to use in wet and corroded places;


● When the transformer has a primary current, the secondary winding must not open, otherwise it will form a high voltage twice, which will cause harm to product performance and people.

● The repeated withstand voltage test of the transformer should be carried out at 80% of the rated withstand voltage.

●The transformer is used in AC circuits with rated voltage not exceeding 0.66kv, and the long-term working current does not exceed the rated value.

● The test instrument is connected to the S1 and S2 terminals. The total impedance (including wiring) of the instrument connected to the external circuit of the secondary winding of the transformer should not exceed its rated load.

●The current transformer is forbidden to open twice during operation.

●When the transformer is turned on and then closed, the magnetic core must be in good contact, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the transformer.www.ctsensorducer.com