Smart metering device and current signal for waterproof split core current transformers

- May 01, 2019-

The waterproof split core current transformers has a core when it is used. Generally, the large current of the primary side is converted into a small current of the secondary side, and then effectively input to the ADC sampling by I/V conversion. The Rogowski coil, without the iron core, is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, which produces a voltage signal directly on the secondary side. Compared with current transformers, since the Rogowski coil has no core, there is no core saturation, and a large current can be directly measured.

The voltage signal induced by the waterproof split core current transformers Rogowski coil can not be directly used as the current signal, and must be differentiated to restore the current signal you want. At present, Rogowski coils are only used for extra large currents, and general gauges use current transformers.

The smart metering device of the waterproof split core current transformers mainly adopts a microprocessor and a chip specially used for electric energy metering, and has the characteristics of perfect function and high measuring precision when used. For single-phase 220V power users, the current smart energy meter has installed "zero line current transformer" in its internal structure. In order to improve the technical protection capability of the smart energy meter, it can detect the current flowing through the neutral loop of the energy meter when the power supply is connected to the phase line. Moreover, the State Grid clearly stated in the technical specifications that all smart energy meters must be equipped with the function of measuring and recording the neutral current transformer.