Several causes of misoperation of residual current transformer and its prevention

- Mar 23, 2020-

1. Misoperation caused by wrong wiring
When installing residual current transformer in the protective neutral line of electrical equipment, if the protective neutral wire is put through the residual current transformer by mistake, the residual current of electrical equipment will not be detected, resulting in the rejection of residual current protection device.
2. Misoperation caused by improper wiring
Because of the important grounding of the working summative line behind the residual current transformer, a part of the working current flows into the earth through the important grounding electrode, resulting in the wrong operation of the residual current.
3. Misoperation due to overvoltage
4. Misoperation caused by the influence of high frequency on ground current
5. Misoperation caused by asynchronous switch closing
6. Misoperation caused by surge current
7. Misoperation caused by electromagnetic interference
8. Misoperation due to circulating current
9. Maloperation caused by low insulation resistance of working neutral wire.