Selection criteria and product characteristics of micro Transformers

- Dec 28, 2017-

In the choice of micro-transformer on the comparison, the 1th point, that is to note that it should be to understand its actual load rated current and voltage, in terms of the optimal size of voltage and current, that is, in the range of micro-transformer 60-80%,

If there is a large error between the measured results and the actual results, the high current or voltage will enter the saturated area of the iron core.

In view of this, we actually have to note that the data on this measurement will not make any sense, about the current micro-transformer and its ammeter in the selection of the time is to pay attention to the need to maintain the same. About the characteristics of this micro-transformer, the 1th point, we actually want to pay attention to its use is the PBT shell, in view of this, we actually want to pay attention to this product has a relatively good high temperature resistance and its corrosion resistance role.

Moreover, because it is the use of epoxy resin for sealing, its isolation performance is also relatively good, the next thing we say, we actually want to pay attention to its own impact resistance is also relatively strong. Furthermore, in the case of micro-transformer product characteristics, the original edge does not need a string of resistors, directly that is, the measured voltage isolation into the voltage, the output voltage is also in the 0~10vac (only the voltage type), this type of circuit is relatively simple and reliable, without operational amplifiers, and does not need an external DC power supply (refers only to the voltage type). Finally, we actually have to pay attention to the micro-transformer itself linear words will be very good, precision is also very high, linear range is very wide, consistent performance is also relatively good; Moreover, for micro-transformers, we actually have to pay attention to its own volume is relatively small, the shape is also relatively beautiful, Easy to install, pin-type direct welding circuit board.