Protection requirements and current measurement for mini split-core current transformer

- May 06, 2019-

Mini split-core current transformer are more suitable for current measurement, signal sampling and microcomputer protection of 10KV AC power system electrical equipment when in use. The current transformer has the characteristics of small size, light weight, openable and easy to install, and is widely used in a compact full-insulation ring network switch cabinet, and is very suitable for forming a sampling unit with a remote terminal device such as RTU, FTU, etc., for the whole system. Provide data support.

The mini split-core current transformer selects high-quality imported silicon steel sheet with high magnetic permeability as a magnetic conductive material to a certain extent, and has the characteristics of iron core splittable and magnetic circuit loss, and its semi-annular iron core winding. Vacuum cast in high-quality epoxy resin in a flame-retardant plastic housing, moisture-proof, stable performance, no maintenance required. When installing, the two half rings are stuck on the split-phase cable, hug tightly with the hoop, and integrated with the cable, which is harmonious and beautiful. The 35K2-400mm2 10KV cable can be applied. The hoop is made of high-quality stainless steel material, which is firm and reliable. No eddy currents.

The faults detected by the mini split-core current transformer can be handled by themselves, such as loose external parts such as terminals and poor contact, etc. If the open circuit point is on the terminal block of the CT main body, it should be powered off. If it is not possible to handle it by itself (such as inside the relay) or if it is unable to identify the fault by itself, the CT should be short-circuited and reported to the superior.