Preventing the explosion mode of micro current transformer

- Apr 26, 2018-

Micro current transformer is a relatively good electrical measuring equipment, but also because it is an electrical equipment, we should pay attention to this in the use of some safety knowledge, especially on the explosion of preventive measures, in this regard, next we will briefly introduce it. To prevent the explosion of micro-current transformer, first of all, this test value abnormal situation should be to find out the cause, when the operation before and during the measurement of the media loss factor TG value abnormal, should be a comprehensive analysis of TG delta and temperature changes or test voltage from 10kv to um/root 3,tgδ increase more than 0.3% , you should exit the run. In the case of abnormal chromatographic analysis results, it is necessary to carry out the analysis of its growth trend, and if the data grows rapidly, it should be paid attention to.

Destroy the accident in the bud. Prevent the explosion of micro-current transformer, and then pay attention to the normal input of the differential protection of the guarantee bus.

In order to avoid the impact range of the accident when the breakdown accident occurs at the bottom of the capacitor core of the micro current transformer, it should be noted that the L1 of the primary terminal, the installation direction with the L2 and the Polar connection mode of the two windings should be correct to ensure the normal operation of the bus differential protection.

To prevent the explosion of micro-current transformer, but also pay attention to check the short-circuit current, according to the development of the power grid, pay attention to check the current transformer location of the short-circuit current, beyond the transformer nameplate above the dynamic thermal stable current value, to be arranged and replaced in a timely manner. The final step in preventing the explosion of micro-current transformers should be carried out on-line monitoring and infrared temperature measurement. At present, the on-line monitoring projects carried out by micro-current transformers mainly include measuring the capacitance of the main insulation and the dielectric loss factor TG Delta the insulation resistance and the dielectric loss factor TG Delta The measurement of the end screen insulation. The Test experience shows that it is effective in detecting insulation defects.

For infrared temperature measurement, some units have been carried out, the existing test results show that it is effective for detecting internal connector loosening of current transformers, but still need to accumulate experience.