Power requirements and ring structure of Residual Current Sensor

- Jan 28, 2019-

The core of the Residual Current Sensor generally adopts a ring structure. In operation, a wound core or a punched iron core can be used. When the operation is performed, the new size is effectively determined according to the residual current protection device. The structure of the primary loop conductor size and sensitivity requirements.

The Residual Current Sensor does not require a high output power of the transformer. The cross-section of the core can be designed to be smaller. For residual current protection appliances with small rated current, the transformer has a small diameter. For example, an iron-nickel soft magnetic alloy with high magnetic permeability can be used, and the cross-sectional area can be designed to be between 10-20 mm2; when the rated current is large, the transformer diameter is Larger, the average magnetic circuit is also long, the core cross-sectional area should be appropriately increased, and can be designed to be between 30-50mm2.

For the electromagnetic residual current protection device, the transformer is required to have higher sensitivity and higher output power, so it is necessary to increase the cross-sectional area of the core, for example, a residual current protection device with a rated current of 40-63 A, such as using high magnetic permeability. The rate of iron-nickel soft magnetic alloy, the cross-sectional area of the core is between 100-200mm2.www.ctsensorducer.com