Operation requirements and operation process of high frequency output transformer

- Feb 17, 2019-

High Frequency Output Transformers are generally more common in switching power supplies and electronic rectifiers because they are used in high-frequency circuits. Therefore, they are named "high-frequency transformers" because they must first obtain a high frequency. In the actual circuit, this transformer is designed as an oscillator source and an energy output transformer. The two functions are combined. In terms of switching power supply, the principle is probably the same: first rectify and filter the mains (50HZ AC) The direct current is composed of a high frequency transformer and constitutes an oscillation source and outputs an alternating current with a high frequency and stable voltage.


The High Frequency Output Transformer can improve the conversion efficiency during operation, so that the power supply of the high-frequency transformer can be turned on and off due to the operation of the power supply tube during the use, that is, the switch is continuously turned on and off. State, so we call it "switching power supply". It is about 30% lower than the loss of the traditional iron core transformer. Unfortunately, the failure rate is relatively high. Can be borrowed from the comparison of old-fashioned ballasts and electronic ballasts.

Operating frequency of high frequency output transformer

The core loss of a High Frequency Output Transformer has a large relationship with frequency, so it should be designed and used according to the frequency of use. This frequency is called the operating frequency.www.ctsensorducer.com