Operation, maintenance and management of residual current transformer

- Jun 17, 2020-

(1) After the residual current transformer is put into operation, the user unit shall establish operation records and corresponding management systems

(2) The management personnel should conduct a residual current transformer at least monthly power-on trip test, that is, press the test button to check whether the residual current transformer action is reliable. Whenever the lightning current or other causes the residual current transformer to operate, it should be checked and a trip test should be carried out. In the peak season of rural electricity consumption, the number of trial trips should be increased; the deactivated residual current transformer should be tested once before use.

(3) In order to fully grasp the operation status of the residual current transformer, the residual current transformer should be sampled and tested regularly (such as during the annual safety inspection).

(4) The test work of the residual current transformer should be organized by the full-time safety management personnel of the power supply station under the guidance of the local power department. Items that regularly test the operating characteristics of the residual current transformer should include the residual operating current value, the remaining non-operating value, and the breaking time.

(5) The test content of the low-voltage power grid includes the unbalanced leakage current of the protected power grid to the ground, the protected power grid and various loads, the insulation resistance value of the motor, the leakage current of the neutral point of the low-voltage side of the distribution transformer, and each power consumption Grounding resistance of equipment protection grounding device. The test data is compared with the last test result for a comprehensive analysis. Those who fail the test or have large defects should be repaired or replaced in time.

(6) The operation characteristic test of the residual current transformer and the simulated leakage operation test of the protection grid should use the special measuring instruments tested and qualified by the relevant state departments, and be operated by professionals. It is strictly forbidden to directly touch the grounding device with the phase wire to conduct the simulated leakage test of the protection grid.

(7) The trial jumping, testing, tuning and testing process must be set up with special personnel records, and the recorded items and data should not be confused or wrong for future reference during operation analysis.

(8) If an electric shock injury or death occurs within the protection range of the residual current transformer, the action of the protector should be checked, the cause should be analyzed, and written into the accident report. Note: Before the electric power department sends a person for inspection, the site must be protected and the protector site must not be changed.

(9) The user intends to make the protector refuse to move or misuse, should give criticism education and warning, after criticism education still do not repent, can temporarily stop the household electricity.

(10) After the operation of the residual current transformer, if no cause of the accident is found after inspection, it is allowed to try power transmission once. If it is operated again, the cause should be found to find the fault, and continuous power transmission is not allowed. Except that it is confirmed that the residual current transformer itself is faulty after inspection, it is strictly forbidden to dismantle the residual current transformer without permission and forcibly transmit power.

(11) The maintenance of the residual current transformer should be carried out by professionals. If there are any abnormal phenomena during the operation, an electrician should be dealt with to avoid expanding the accident scope.

(12) The power supply station should be equipped with common test meters and a certain number of backup protectors. The operation of the residual current transformer should be analyzed regularly, and the residual current transformer that cannot be used normally should be replaced in time.https://www.ctsensorducer.com/