Operation maintenance and inspection of current transformer

- Aug 03, 2020-

1) Regularly check the current transformer for overheating, check for discoloration of the terminals, and check whether debris is present in the terminal box.

2) Check if there is any oil leakage in the oil level gauge in time to ensure that the oil level meets the usage standard, and there is no oil leakage. Clean the porcelain part comprehensively to prevent discharge and cracking.

3) Regularly inspect the insulation of the current transformer, and at the same time check the oil quality of the oil-filled current transformer, and drain the oil according to the actual situation.

4) When checking the ammeter, carry out a complete check of its three-phase indicator value to prevent overloading and ensure that it is within the specified range.

5) Check carefully whether the secondary side ground wire is good or not to ensure that there is no breakage, fix its loose part, and the secondary side of the current transformer in operation must not be open.

6) Check the output current. If there is a large current, check whether there are alarm signals such as wire breakage or differential current crossing.

7) Check the reliability of the current transformer grounding.

8) Make sure that the operating temperature of the current transformer is below 50°C.

9) If factors such as overvoltage or moisture cause the insulation breakdown of the current transformer, the damaged current transformer needs to be repaired as it is.

10) After the current transformer is repaired, it needs to be tested in time, and it can be used only after the inspection meets the requirements.https://www.ctsensorducer.com/