Measures for burnout of miniature current transformer

- Aug 21, 2020-

The first is to install a circuit breaker in the current transformer, mainly to effectively avoid the power failure phenomenon of the line that affects the entire day due to the failure of the branch, to prevent and ensure the possible tripping of the branch circuit breaker.

The second is to connect the current transformer behind the circuit breaker, so as to ensure that when the current transformer fails, the circuit breaker and the lightning arrester can effectively cut off the fault and completely eliminate the failure.

Once again, the high-voltage insulation and test of the current transformer and the arrester are carried out on the user, the aging phenomenon and the degree of aging of the current transformer and the arrester can be discovered earlier, and they can be processed and replaced in time to effectively avoid the current mutual inductance The phenomenon of power outage caused by the burnout of the device.

Finally, the current transformers are cleaned regularly to reduce the pollution caused by the current transformers and effectively avoid the reduction of the insulator.