Knowledge of voltage Micro Transformers

- Apr 24, 2018-

Voltage miniature transformers are very similar to Transformers, and the voltage micro-transformer will also be used to transform the voltage on the line, the main difference lies in capacity, size, working magnetic density and compensation.

Voltage Micro transformer conversion voltage is designed to transport electrical energy, so the capacity is very large, and voltage micro-transformer conversion voltage, mainly used to power the measuring instrument and relay protection device.

And with regard to voltage miniature transformer equipment, it can also be used to measure the voltage, power and power of the line, or to protect the valuable equipment, motors and Transformers in the line in the event of a line failure, so the capacity of the voltage miniature transformer is very small. Voltage miniature transformer devices are generally not used to provide power supplies, but they do limit the rated power that can be accessed. When there is no 120V power supply on site, it is often used to provide 120V temporary power supply for lightweight maintenance equipment. In the switching chamber, the two sides of the voltage miniature transformer can be used to drive the circuit breaker's motor.

In the voltage regulator Chamber, they can be used to distinguish the motor that drives the tap-changer. About the power range of voltage Micro Transformer equipment: for low voltage voltage transformer for 500VA and below, medium voltage transformer for 1~3kva, high voltage voltage transformer for 3~5ka. Because the rated power of the voltage transformer is so small, their physical size is also very small. The working magnetic density of this voltage transformer is much lower than the magnetic density of the transformer. This helps minimize the loss and avoids the overheating that the transformer may cause due to persistent overvoltage.

If not explicitly stated, the voltage transformer is usually designed to operate continuously at 110% rated voltages. Voltage Micro Transformers The main use should also pay attention to the primary circuit and two times control and measurement equipment isolation. This isolation is achieved through the coupling of two circuits by electromagnetic induction.In addition to isolation, the measured measure is bound to be reduced to a safe level.