Installation and construction details of mini split-core current transformer

- Jun 21, 2019-

Open the upper and lower parts of the mini split-core current transformer, and pay attention to the P1 surface and the bottom part of the current transformer are the same, and install the relay on the site, all the sites are placed well, the high current once busbar wears copper Waiting for a power outage. After that, all the mini split-core current transformer of all circuits are installed on the busbar at the same time, and the upper and lower parts are installed by screws and nuts. 

After that, the mini split-core current transformer is fixed to the busbar through the standard accessories, and the relay output signal line is connected to the auxiliary contact of the circuit breaker to complete the entire installation process. It can quickly realize intelligent low-cost multi-loop monitoring of low-voltage power distribution, which is beneficial to the further promotion and application of low-voltage intelligent power distribution.