Indicators to be concerned when selecting DC residual current sensor

- May 17, 2019-

To understand the accuracy requirements of DC residual current sensor testing, we must first know what accuracy we need when choosing. There is also the frequency requirement when measuring the pulse current. The period of the pulse current signal is the time taken between the first rising edge and the next rising edge of the signal.

DC residual current sensor In the DC current test, special attention should be paid to the maximum measured value of DC current as the basis for sensor selection. Some customers use accuracy as an indicator of sensor accuracy; some customers use linearity as an indicator of sensor accuracy. Linearity determines how much the current sensor output signal is proportional to the input signal within the measurement range. 

Due to changes in ambient temperature and temperature drift caused by this, this indicator is generally the focus of the customer's attention. The DC residual current sensor uses temperature-controlled compensation technology to reduce the temperature drift of the sensor, and almost no temperature drift is