How to deal with the smoke from the voltage transformer?

- Sep 25, 2020-

If the voltage transformer is smoked, it will emit smoke and have a strong odor; the voltage of the insulation monitoring meter may decrease, the indication of the voltmeter, active and reactive power meters may decrease, and the generator transformer may be cold Smoke, there may be light signs such as "stator grounding" light up, busbar transformers smoke, there may be light signs such as "voltage loop disconnection", "backup power disappearance" and other light signs are on. Solution: If the primary fuse never blows before the transformer smokes, and the secondary fuse blows many times, and the smoke is not serious, there is no symbol of insulation damage, and the primary fuse does not blow during the smoke, it should be It is judged that the short circuit between the secondary windings of the transformer has caused smoke. Before the secondary winding smokes and does not affect the primary insulation damage, immediately exit the relevant protection and automatic devices, remove the secondary fuse, open the primary isolation switch, and stop. Use transformers.

For oil-filled transformers, if smoke is accompanied by a strong odor, there is abnormal noise inside the transformer; there is spark discharge between the winding and the shell or the lead and the shell; the fuse is blown before the smoke When one of the phenomena such as 2~3 times, it should be judged that the primary side insulation is damaged and smoke is emitted. If there is smoke from the generator transformer, the generator should be disconnected immediately; if it is a bus transformer, the transformer should be stopped by stopping the bus. At this time, the transformer must not be stopped by pulling the isolating switch.