How to choose the right current transformer

- Oct 23, 2019-

1, accuracy

In most applications, the measurement accuracy of the current transformer determines the efficiency of the whole system. If the accuracy of the current transformer is high, the detection result is more accurate, and we do not need to repeatedly test, saving time and improving. effectiveness.

2, linearity

The linearity of the current transformer refers to the reliable stability of its performance over the range of all practical modes of operation. Especially in the case of low current values, the high linearity ensures the accuracy of a wide range of measurements.

3, drift

The drift of the current transformer is related to the timeout continuity of the reading request that is irrelevant to the original system calibration. The change of this feature is caused by the relative humidity of the surrounding air and the excessive wear of the temperature or components.

4, integrated

Because the current transformer is self-sufficient self-powered system, the current transformer does not need any other wiring except the two output lines of the necessary output power monitor equipment.

5, phase shift

In fact, the accuracy of reasonable output power or kinetic energy measurement is not only related to the accuracy of the AC current and voltage transformer and the linearity of the linearity, but also to the phase shift that will occur between the two accurate measurements.

6, the price

To consider the price of the current transformer, to ensure that the current transformer purchased by itself is cost-effective, it is necessary to confirm that the value of the current transformer purchased at this price is not worthwhile, and also to calculate the maintenance and maintenance costs in the future, if the maintenance and maintenance in the future Maintenance costs are small, so it is acceptable to charge a little higher.