How to check the secondary open circuit fault of current transformer

- Nov 11, 2020-

1) The loop meter indicates abnormally low or zero. If the current loop used to measure the meter is open, the indication of the three-phase ammeter will be inconsistent, the indication of the power meter will be reduced, the meter will not turn or the number of revolutions will slow down, if the meter indicates sometimes no, it may be in a half-open state;

2) Whether the CT body has noise, uneven vibration, severe heat, smoke, etc., of course, these phenomena are not obvious when the load is small;

3) The terminals of the CT secondary circuit and the wire ends of the components have discharge and ignition;

4) Relay protection has misoperation or refusal, this situation can be found and dealt with when accidental tripping or skipping trip occurs;

5) The watt-hour meter, relay, etc. smoke and burn out. The burnout of reactive power meters and watt-hour meters, transmitters of remote control devices, and relays of protection devices will not only make CT secondary open circuit, but also make PT secondary short circuit.