How to avoid burning of current transformer?

- Sep 21, 2020-

Install a circuit breaker first to avoid branch faults from affecting the entire line of power outages, especially to ensure that the branch circuit breakers can be reliably tripped. Then connect the current transformer to the back of the circuit breaker to ensure that the circuit breaker and arrester act correctly when the transformer fails. It is also necessary to strengthen the user's current transformer and arrester high-voltage insulation test, find the insulation aging degree of the transformer and arrester as soon as possible, and replace it in time to avoid the occurrence of a power outage caused by the burning of the transformer. The last thing is to clean the user equipment regularly to reduce pollution and avoid insulation degradation.

 When using a current transformer, carefully check whether the secondary circuit is open, whether the contact resistance is too large, and the most important thing is not to overload it. In addition, the current transformer should be maintained and maintained. If the insulation is found to be aging, it should be replaced in time, and it should be cleaned regularly to reduce pollution. Only in this way can the current transformer be used more safely and has a longer service life.