How can residual current transformer become the darling of transformer industry

- Mar 16, 2020-

As the jiaozi of transformer industry, platinum crystal electronic technology with its excellent technology, excellent quality, throughout the country's service outlets. It has created an era of China's transformer industry. However, the market is constantly changing. In recent years, the price war has become the last straw for many domestic industries to save themselves.
There are many calm people in this war. Platinum crystal has stepped out of a B2B personalized service road. In the residual current transformer industry, once again set off the "platinum crystal wind". The main idea of platinum crystal's personalized service is "I design my transformer", "you design it, I make it for you.". "This B2B mode embodies the idea of taking consumers as the core, and also platinum crystal's" people-oriented "idea for many years in the residual current transformer and three-phase current transformer industry.
One of the core business ideas of e-commerce is personalized service, which refers to the evolution of consumers from groups to individuals. This kind of thinking not only for network enterprises, but also for traditional industry transformer industry will bring rolling profits. The case of Jinan platinum Crystal Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. confirms this point. From the practice of e-commerce at home and abroad, residual current transformer, three-phase current transformer, residual current transformer, on-off current transformer, KBO special current transformer are also applicable to this idea.