Features of three-phase current transformer

- Mar 20, 2020-

1. It is very convenient for users to install and debug.
2. Strong overload capacity: it can withstand the impact of large current; at the same time, it can be tested under high voltage environment, avoiding the unavoidable weakness of previous wiring detection.
3. Wide adaptability of power supply: This product only needs single power supply to work, and it is less affected by the pull bias of power supply, which solves the problem of double power supply working in the traditional (Hall magnetic balance principle) and large influence by the pull bias of power supply.
4. High stability: ① the product adopts a variety of shielding measures to effectively suppress space interference to ensure the detection accuracy and stability; ② the temperature characteristics are good: the output drift is less than 400ppm per 1 ℃ change in temperature; ③ the zero point characteristics are good: different from the traditional (Hall magnetic balance principle) principle, so that the product has a good zero point characteristics. ④ The input / output / power supply of the product adopts surge suppression measures to make the product reach the level III anti-interference level of iec61000-4-5 (gbt17626.5).
5. High safety performance: due to the use of non-contact input, the input isolation and withstand voltage is up to 35kV (non bare wire), greatly improving the safety of the product.https://www.ctsensorducer.com/