Feasibility measures to reduce the frequency of current transformer burnout

- Dec 20, 2019-

The burning of current transformers is one of the most common problems. In order to protect the device and prevent and reduce the burning of the current transformer, it is necessary to master relevant preventive measures. It is necessary to start an analysis from the cause of the problem in order to develop an effective countermeasure.

It is not a general fault, but the burning of the current transformer. There are many reasons for this. It may be caused by the high voltage generated by the secondary open circuit of the current transformer; it may also be caused by the insulation aging of the device; or the contact resistance of the current transformer is too large; if it is overloaded for too long, it will have the same Serious consequences.

In order to reduce the frequency of this problem, it is best to install a watchdog circuit breaker in the current transformer to avoid branch faults and power outages of the entire feeder. Then connect the current transformer to the back of the circuit breaker to ensure that the fault can be removed. At the same time, strengthen the high-voltage insulation test of the current transformer during the normal use process, and replace the parts in time if there is an aging phenomenon. In addition, Zhuangzi must be cleaned regularly to avoid changes in insulation performance.