Fault analysis and solution of CT two open circuit of current micro transformer

- Mar 30, 2018-

Check the processing current micro-transformer CT two open circuit failure, should minimize the primary load current, in order to reduce the voltage of two times the circuit.

When operating should pay attention to safety, must stand on the insulation pad, wear insulated gloves, the use of well-insulated tools. It is found that the current micro-Transformer CT two open circuit, to distinguish is which set of current circuit failure, open circuit, no impact on protection, reporting scheduling, lifting the protection of possible misoperation; After that, it should be noted that the load current should be minimized. If there is serious damage to CT, the load should be transferred and the power outage should be treated.

Current Micro Transformer CT two overvoltage protector to prevent the Transformer CT two open circuit principle. It is found that the current micro-transformer ct two times open circuit, we should pay attention to as soon as possible in the nearest test terminal with a good short wiring according to the drawings of the CT two short circuit, after that is to pay attention to check the processing of open points, if the short connection to find Sparks, then the short connection should be effective can be found further.

If there is no spark at the time of short connection, it may be invalid, the fault point may be in the circuit before the short contact, the short contact can be transformed forward by point, and the range check will be reduced. In the discovery of current micro-Transformer CT two open circuit failure range, should pay attention to check the prone to failure of terminals and components.

For the inspection of the fault, can be handled on their own, including wiring terminals, such as loose external components, poor contact, etc., immediately after processing into the exit of the protection. If the open point is on the terminal of the current miniature transformer model body, it is necessary to pay attention to the power outage treatment. If you can not deal with their own (such as the relay inside) or can not do their own identification of the fault, should pay attention to the CT first two short circuit after the report to the superior.