Factors affecting the accuracy of Hall current sensor

- Apr 01, 2020-

Hall current sensor is often used in AC and DC current test, more used in frequency conversion test and measurement environment. During use, in order to avoid interference and achieve the accuracy of sensor application, attention shall be paid to:
1. For the problem of through core conductor, the through core conductor shall be full of hole diameter. According to the hole diameter of Hall current sensor, copper bar, etc. can be selected.
2. There should be no strong magnetic field near the sensor. It includes transformer and conductor with large current. Therefore, in three-phase test, interphase sensor should not be installed too close.
3. In the frequency conversion test environment, the electromagnetic interference is large. Try to select the sensor whose secondary output is current signal, and the current signal may be large, such as 200mA, 500mA, etc.
Precautions for use of power transmitter:
* the wiring of input, output and auxiliary power must be correct without dislocation.
The use environment shall be free of conductive dust, corrosive metal and gas damaging the insulation, and the altitude shall be less than 2500m.
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