Electrical isolation and accuracy of closed loop hall effect sensors

- Feb 26, 2019-

Closed loop hall effect sensors can measure the current and voltage of arbitrary waveforms, such as their DC, AC, pulse waveforms, etc., even for transient peak measurements. The secondary current faithfully reflects the waveform of the primary current. Or ordinary transformers can not be compared with it, it is generally only suitable for measuring 50Hz sine wave.

The closed loop hall effect sensors has good electrical isolation between the primary side circuit and the secondary side circuit. The isolated voltage can reach 9600Vrms. It has high precision when used, and the accuracy is better than 1% in the working temperature range. This accuracy is suitable for the measurement of any waveform.

The closed loop hall effect sensors has good linearity. The high-bandwidth current sensor rise time can be less than 1μs. However, the voltage sensor has a narrow bandwidth, generally within 15kHz. The 6400Vrms high-voltage voltage sensor has a rise time of about 500uS and a bandwidth of about 700Hz.www.ctsensorducer.com