Dynamic characteristics and sensitivity of closed loop hall effect sensors

- Feb 21, 2019-

In order to obtain better dynamic characteristics and sensitivity, the closed loop hall effect sensor must pay attention to the coupling between the primary coil and the secondary coil. To couple well, it is better to use a single conductor and the conductor completely fills the aperture of the Hall sensor module.

When the closed loop hall effect sensor is in use, when a large DC current flows through the primary coil of the sensor, and its secondary circuit is not connected to the power supply regulator or the secondary side is open, the magnetic circuit is magnetized, resulting in remanence, affecting Measurement accuracy (so use the power supply and measuring terminal M first). When this happens, demagnetize the first. The method is that the secondary circuit does not supply power, but an AC current of the same level is passed through the primary coil and the value is gradually reduced.

The closed loop hall effect sensor has strong resistance to external magnetic field interference when used, but in order to obtain higher measurement accuracy, when there is strong magnetic field interference, appropriate measures need to be taken to solve it.www.ctsensorducer.com