Current transformer usage precautions

- Dec 13, 2019-

1. Wiring of current transformers We should all follow the principle of series connection. The primary winding should be connected in series with the measuring circuit and the secondary winding should be connected in series with all instrument loads.

2. According to the measured current size, choose the appropriate change, otherwise the error will increase and the end of the secondary side must be grounded to prevent the primary side from being intruded when the insulation is damaged. The second low voltage The side will cause the life of the staff and the irreversible accidents of the equipment.

3. The secondary side is absolutely not allowed to open the circuit. If the current is measured once the current is turned on, the magnetization current will increase and the iron core will be oversaturated and the magnetization will cause the heat to be severely severe. Even the coil will be burned and the magnetic circuit will be oversaturated. After that, the error is increased. When the current transformer is in normal working, the secondary side is more like a short circuit. If it is suddenly opened, the electromotive force is changed from a small value to a large value, and its value can reach thousands or even tens of thousands. The volts of the current are very serious and can be dangerous to the safety of the workers and the insulation of the instrument. In the course of use, if any of the above problems occur, the load of the circuit should be removed immediately and then the processing such as parking processing is completed before it can be used again.