Current transformer insulation medium classification

- Mar 16, 2021-

Dry current transformer. It is insulated by ordinary insulating material through varnishing treatment. Pouring current transformer. Current transformer molded with epoxy resin or other resin mixed materials. Oil-immersed current transformer. It is insulated by insulating paper and insulating oil, generally outdoor type. Gas insulated current transformer. The main insulation is made of gas. Through current transformer. A current transformer used to pass through a screen or wall. Pillar current transformer. It is installed on a plane or a pillar, and serves as a current transformer for the primary circuit conductor pillar. Bushing type current transformer. There is no primary conductor and primary insulation, a current transformer that is directly sheathed on an insulated bushing. Bus-type current transformer. There is no one-time conductor but one-time insulation, a current transformer used directly on the bus.