Current micro transformers need to pay attention to the following problems during Operation

- Jan 19, 2018-

Current micro-transformer in the use of, if the removal of short wiring found that its spark phenomenon, this time, on the current micro-transformer has been opened, this is to pay attention to immediately re-short connection, to find out that the metering instrument circuit does not have open-circuit phenomenon, can be re-removed short wiring. In the removal of the current micro-transformer short-connection work, should stand on the insulation pad, in addition, that is, to pay attention to the need to consider the deactivation of the current micro-transformer circuit protection device, until the completion of the work, this is to pay attention to the protection device into operation.

If the current micro-transformer has a buzzing sound, it should be checked that its internal core is not loose, this is to note that the core bolts must be tightened. The two-sided end of the current miniature transformer, in terms of its shell, is to pay attention to the need to pay attention to reliable grounding; in the current miniature transformer two times side line insulation resistance is to pay attention must be less than 10~20, it is important to note that must be to dry treatment,

This is when the insulation will be restored before it can be used.

Current micro-transformer in the operation, on its two sides can not open the road, once the two side of the road, because the iron loss is relatively large, the temperature is too high that will be burned, or so that the secondary winding voltage rise is to penetrate the insulation, which is the risk of high voltage electric shock. In this way, in the replacement of the instrument, if the replacement of ammeter, active table or reactive power table, etc., the current circuit should be replaced before the metering instrument exchange.

Next, after adjusting the meter on the current miniature transformer, it is important to note that it must be connected to two loops before removing the short wiring and checking to see if its meter is normal.