Considerations for selecting a split core current sensor

- Jun 13, 2019-

Proper selection of the split core current sensor facilitates accurate detection and conversion of the AC current. First, we need to determine whether a single-phase current or a three-phase current needs to be detected to select a suitable split core current sensor. Three-phase current sensors can be used to measure single-phase, but single-phase current sensors must never measure three-phase. 

In order to adapt to this situation, the split core current sensor is usually used to convert a large current into a small current of 1A or 5A. Therefore, the input of the current sensor is usually selected according to the secondary current of the current transformer. 

Also consider the specifications of the auxiliary power supply and the input overload capability of the split core current sensor. When the load current is overloaded, or when the system fails, the current sensor is usually subjected to a very large overload current. Under this circumstance, whether it can withstand large overload current becomes an important indicator to measure the performance of the current sensor. The current sensor must have a certain anti-overload capability.