Application of Hall sensor

- Apr 06, 2020-

(A) The method of making a certain current flow through Hall sensor in advance to detect magnetic field or other physical quantities converted into magnetic field.
(B) Using the current and magnetic field of the module and the multiplication of the two quantities as its variables.
(C) The method of using non Opposites (that is, when the current in the same direction as the output obtained when the current is applied to the input terminal in a certain magnetic field flows through the output terminal, the Hall voltage in the opposite direction to the initial voltage at the input terminal will be generated).
In many of these specific examples, the sensitivity and temperature characteristics of the components make it difficult for the hall sensor to form a 1-turn coil. However, the use of Hall probe to measure magnetic field is relatively simple and has been finalized. In addition, for example, the switch of electric brush motor (Hall motor) has gradually entered the practical stage, and the manufacturing of magnetic head has also been tried.